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You see a Swarm of Bees, Cool!

Let's see if anyone is available to come and pick them up.

Capturing swarms is relatively easy work but timing is everything!  Honey bees will typically hang around out in the open in a cluster or ball while scout bees are out looking for a new home for the colony.  Once the scout bees find a new location to live the cluster of bees will fly off in that direction and setup camp.

Swarms can look pretty scary as they contain thousands of honey bees.  Please supply us with as much information as possible about the swarm.  When bees are in swarm mode they are typically not aggressive; however there are no guarantees!  Best to error on the side of caution provide as much information as you can without jeopardizing your safety.

The information submitted will be sent out to members of the Metro Beekeepers Association; they may contact you via phone call, text, or email so please be available to discuss the situation with them.

Contact Information

The Swarm Situation

The Swarm Location