Metro Beekeepers Association

Metro Beekeepers Association (MBA) is an organization of hobbyist, side liner and commercial beekeepers that meet once monthly for learning, fellowship, food and fun. Serving Tarrant and surrounding counties in North Texas.  Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month. Guests are welcome. MBA is focused on the education and benefits of its members. 
                                                  2017 Monthly Meeting Dates remaining:
                                                                       Oct 9                                                                      
                                                                       Nov 13
                                                                       Dec 11 


 Our next monthly meeting will be Monday October 9 2017 in the Southside Preservation Hall (1519 Lipscomb Ave Fort Worth, Texas). Meeting starts at 630p and ends at 830p.  

The MBA annual Honey Competition will be during our October meeting. Bring an unlabeled pint size jar of your honey to enter. All entries must be turned in by 630p. Judging will be based on the following:
*Moisture content- Moisture content above 18.6% will be disqualified. This usually means the honey was extracted uncapped or before it was ready & could ferment.
*Container Appearance (Score 1-10 pts)- Look for a nice, new clean jar and lid without smudges and stickiness.
*Free of air bubbles, foam, & lint (Score 0-10 pts)- Inspect honey at the top of the jar. Often foam & air bubbles are at the top from not letting it sit 24 hours prior to bottling. Also, any lint around the top from a paper towel from cleaning or removing foam. You don’t want to see foam, air bubbles, or lint.
*Level of fill (Score 0-10 pts)- Usually the level of fill is around 1/2” from the top of the jar.
*Cleanliness & Clarity of the honey (Score 0-20 pts)- Using a flashlight, you want to inspect your honey for bubbles, lint, and other foreign objects including bee parts, wax, etc.. Also make sure your honey is not crystalizing yet.
*Flavor & Aroma (Score 0-50 pts)- Flavor is truly just a personal preference. For the aroma, you want a pleasant honey aroma, you don’t want to smell smoke, possible chemicals from hive treatments or cleaning the jar. If chemical smells are present, the judges may decide not to taste your honey.

 **Membership dues for 2018 are being accepted now. If you would like to join the Metro Beekeepers Association , pay now $20 and membership will be valid from payment date until end of 2018. Go to our Join Now page to pay with Paypal or mail in payment to the address listed. Don’t forget to complete the membership form. Or you can pay in person at the meeting with cash or check.  
** We will start taking applications for the 2018 Youth Scholarship program soon. Applications will be completed & turned in November (cut off date TBD). The scholarship interviews will take place in early December & will be announced at the January 2018 meeting.
** In November, we will also be taking nominations for board members. Available positions will be later announced.
** The December meeting will be a catered event/potluck. Guests are encouraged to bring a side or desert to share. December is also our Holiday Shop Event. We will have room for estimated 20 vendors to set up their merchandise to sell. Merchandise does not have to be Bee-related.

 Guests are welcome to attend. Members are asked to occasionally bring a snack or drink to share during break. You can browse the bee-related vendors during the break. Earn One raffle ticket when you bring a food/snack/drink item to share during the meeting break. Earn Five raffle tickets if you donate a raffle item. You can also purchase raffle tickets One ticket for $1 or Six ticket for $5. Raffle ticket sales help support the youth scholarship program. Some restrictions apply to the donated raffle item. Hope to see you there!!


Terry Lee Sollenberger was our August speaker. TLee has been a contributing author for the American Bee Journal (ABJ) for 18 years. She writes articles about all aspects of beekeeping from cooking with honey to “Requeening Hot Hives” (this months article). 
During our August meeting TLee shared some great info to keep your bees healthy. She demonstrated a how to test for varroa mites using the powdered sugar method. The powdered sugar method is a non lethal way to test your bees. She also brought along a few different treatment options & discussed how & when to use them. (Mite Away Quick Strips, Apiguard, Oxalic Acid Hydrate, & Hopguard). Make sure you wear your protective equipment. Visit Honey Bee Health Coalition for further details. Treatments for Small Hive Beetles included the Beetle Bee Gone sheets & the Beetle Traps. Recipe for her Beetle Brew was Veg Oil, Cider or Date Vinegar, & a Fermented Banana Peel. Blend, strain, & added to beetle trap. She also discussed feeding a pollen substitute (Ultra Bee Pollen Substitue) using her homemade feeder from PVC pipe to keep it dry. Very informative information and a great presentation. Thank you Terry Lee Sollenberger!


               All current Bee Removal permits will expire August 31 2017. Don’t forget to renew your permit 
If you intend on continuing to conduct bee removals in Texas, please fill out a new application and mail it along with a $35 check or money order to the address below

   Texas Apiary Inspection Service
    2475 TAMU
    College Station, TX 77843-2475


                                                                                     Honey Extractor
MBA owns an extractor that members can borrow. Lucy Canez 682-465-4921 will be storing the club’s extractor and coordinating the check-out schedule. Club members may contact her directly for additional details.


****Members that have recently paid their 2017 membership through the paypal link, please make sure that you have completed the 2017 Membership form & sent it in (by email or mail) and that the membership form was completed with your personal info (optional- business info can be added)***


In need of Bee equipment??? Contact Stan Key for all your needs. He carries everything from hive bodies, frames, foundation, covers, bottoms, tools, gloves, jackets, full suits, and supplements at great prices. He can get almost all equipment you see in the catalogs at the same or cheaper rates.

Stan’s Bee Loved Honey and Equipment Company
Equipment sales, bees, consulting, removals, and honey



2017 Bee Course– Metro Beekeepers Association 2017 will be the sixth year for MBA to offer a bee course through our bee association. Below is a summary of the information about the course.  An all new course, 11 classes in 11 months starts in January. First class is January 9 starting at 5:30p. HR

JC’s Honey Bees 2017 Nuc Orders Starting Jan 9 2017 (At the general first meeting of the year) Will begin accepting deposits for their nucleus honey bee colonies. JC’s Honey Bees is the provider of nucs for the Metro Beekeepers Association. See Jason Smith at the meeting or contact him at JC’s Honey Bees
HR Get your Raffle Tickets! MBA now offers two ways to earn raffle tickets.  As always, earn one raffle ticket when you bring a food/snack/drink item to share during the meeting break. NEW…earn 5 raffle tickets if you donate a raffle item!  Raffle ticket sells help support the youth scholarship program. Some restrictions apply to the donated raffle item. HR Post Your Photos! Post photos on the Photo Gallery Page or on the MBA Facebook Group page and they just might be highlighted during the slideshows at our monthly general meetings.  If you haven’t “joined” our MBA Facebook Group, do it today, it’s a great way to ask questions to fellow beekeepers and more. HR

New Page Featuring Recipes and Equipment from the MBA Members Check out Members Tips & Recipes for things like bee fondant recipe, build an inexpensive bee vacuum and more. HRPhoto Gallery – Lots of new photos added MBA Members only can now submit photos. All photos will be reviewed and membership verified prior to posting.  View this new feature and submit your photos to be added.