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Welcome to Metro Beekeepers Association

Our mission:

Share good methods of beekeeping and honey production.

Attract and train future beekeepers

Share the importance of bees to plants and the environment.

Promote beekeeping.

Membership is open to the public and consists primarily of backyard & small-scale beekeepers.

General Member meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month.

6:30 pm to 8:15 pm.

Southside Preservation Hall, 1519 Lipscomb St, Ft Worth, 76104. (map below)

We meet in person, but if you prefer to join online, click this link.

To join by phone without video, call 346-248-7799, 719-359-4580, or 720-707-2699.
Meeting ID: 844 7613 4547    Passcode: 640194

During the break, we'll have snacks & get to know each other better, & have door prizes.

Thank you to those who bring door prize items & snacks to share!!

If you bring a snack or food to share, then you get an extra ticket for the door prize.
If you donate an item for a door prize, you get TWO extra tickets!
Everyone gets one ticket for attending.
Pick up your tickets at the table when you enter.

Details are below and on our Facebook page.

Our Program on January 9, 2023

Presentation by Terry Leggett

Terry Leggett will speak about catching swarms.
In 2021, Terry captured approximately 28 swarms.

Terry started keeping bees in 2014 when asked by a friend to help remove bees from his home.
Since that time he has designed several proprietary tools which he uses to catch swarms, do bee removals, & keep bees in his apiary.
One of these tools has been a very successful design of a tree-friendly swarm capture box he calls a Honey Bee Haven.
Terry has about 30 hives of his own and helps take care of about 40 others.
He keeps bees without the use of chemicals or foundation in the brood boxes.

He will address the following:
When to set out swarm boxes
Where to hang a swarm box, & how high
How to attract bees to the swarm box
How long to leave the swarm box after a swarm moves in
How to remove the swarm box once bees move in
When to move the frames to a deep hive box
When to take the swarm box down after the season
Any questions you ask

We'll also have our regular overview of what to do this month in the hive.

Become a Member, Renew your Membership, or Enroll in the Class

Whether your becoming a new member, or just renewing your membership, we have some sweet options.

Consider joining the Beginner Beekeeping class for 2023.

The 11 class program is January-November on the 2nd Monday of each month, from 5:30p to 6:20p at Southside Preservation Hall, 1519 Lipscomb St, Ft Worth, 76104. A text book is included. Join Here.

Learn about hive types, equipment, protective clothing, obtaining & installing bees, inspecting, diagnosing & solving problems, harvesting & sales, benefits of bees & beekeeping, & AG exemptions. There will also be field trip opportunities.

Join the class by showing up, or using the links above to pay online, or mail payment to Metro Beekeepers, PO Box 79105, Fort Worth, TX, 76179-0105

If you have questions, contact us.


Bee Removal Permit - please make sure to submit your Bee Removal Permits if you have not done so for this year.  If we do not have your permit copy please send one to us or bring a copy to the meeting so that  our website and files can be current.

Your Online Shopping can help Metro Beekeepers Association (MBA).

Amazon Smile is a philanthropic arm of One-half percent of the purchase price of every purchase made through Amazon Smile goes to support our Youth Scholarship Program. The prices on Amazon Smile are the same price as is on So the next time you shop online, go to and select Metro Beekeepers Association as your choice of designated beneficiary.