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Beekeeping FAQ

How do I get started beekeeping?
There are lots of ways to get started in beekeeping. Our club HIGHLY suggests you attend our Bee Course (January-November), at a minimum, you should attend our meetings to ask questions and seek a mentor. But if you  want to start with the bare minimums you will need a hive box, a package of bees, and an area to place the hive.

Is it expensive?
It is not as bad as you think but with most hobbies you can do as little or as much as your wallet will allow.  Once you have a lot of the basic equipment it is a matter of adding more hive equipment.

Where do I get the hive and other parts?
An internet search for "beekeeping supplies" will provide you with all the information you will need.

How much time does it take?
After your initial setup, usually you only need about 20 days per year to work your hive and extract your honey. The bees in the hive are very fascinating to watch so, how much time you spend "inspecting" your hive really depends on you.

What does my membership get me?
Membership in the Metro Beekeepers Association (MBA) is important.  Over the years, the organization has received great leadership, support, and mentoring by giants that came before.  These included  Mr. and  Mrs. George Stokes, Mr. And Mrs. Herbert Hill,  Mr. and  Mrs. Charles Scott, Sally Hallgren,  Rev. Kent Heimbigner, T'Lee Sollenberger, and many others.

Membership entitles our members to a voice, vote, and the opportunity for leadership in the organization.  Making friends and getting to meet new people is a key component of our association and a strength we aspire to.  Through friendships and discussion members get connected with others in their community or nearby that can  lead to mentoring relationships.

Metro Beekeepers has a limited budget and finite resources.  We depend on each family contributing to the well-being and maintenance of the association.  The yearly membership fee is $20.  The term of payment is from January through December.

Visitors are welcome and an integral part of our outreach to the community.  We recognize the importance of visitors at each monthly meeting.  However, after a couple of visits, we invite those that are truly interested in bees and the association join and become a voting member by paying your dues.