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Club Membership 2022


To become a member of Metro Beekeepers Association you must complete two steps.

  1. Complete the Metro Beekeepers Membership form this can be submitted at any of the monthly meetings.
  2. Submitting a payment of $20 for annual club dues + online fees, if payment is made online.  Payment can be made by cash or check at the meeting and/or mailed directly to the treasurer.

Note: Club membership is for January through December.  Joining after September 1st covers through the following year.

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We are always looking for new people that are interested in beekeeping. Metro Beekeepers is dedicated to educating and promoting the benefits of beekeeping to the public, as well as it's own members.

Joining a beekeeping club is one of the best ways to learn more about beekeeping.  There you will meet other beekeepers of all experience levels, get answers to all those questions you have, and meet other folks with similar interests.

Are you interested in raising honey bees but are a little nervous about getting started? Have you just started raising bees and are interested in learning modern management techniques? Perhaps you have been raising honey bees for a few years and just want some refresher techniques. Or, maybe you have questions about what your hive is doing.

Each month we offer programs, lessons, instruction, and mentoring to hobbyist beekeepers. In addition to the programs, you will have the opportunity to share your questions and stories with other beekeepers and best of all...Membership to Metro Beekeepers is just $20 per year for a family.

Join/Renew at the Monthly Meeting:

You can fill-out the form and pay at any meeting, or you can download the form, and mail it to us. If you are wanting to renew your membership we accept payment at all monthly meetings.

Make Checks Payable To: Metro Beekeepers Association
Mail Payment To: Metro Beekeepers
PO Box 79105
Fort Worth, TX, 76179-0105

If you have any questions about joining and/or membership please fill out the form and someone will get back to your shortly.